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the father christmas experience

before your session 

  • Congratulations, if you're reading this, you were lucky enough to get one of our Father Christmas experience tickets. These sell out every year quickly, as are well sought after due to the amount of tickets available, and Santa coming for one day only.

  • You will receive a booking form and contract to sign.  These must be completed at least 2 weeks before your booking. This will also ensure your ticket can be posted promptly. 

  • Tickets are non-refundable. You are welcome to sell them on if you're unable to attend, as long as you give me notice you are re-selling. 

  • We will discuss what colours that you like, what outfits you would like, etc...

  • My Christmas sessions and Father Christmas experience are very popular every year, generally selling out within minutes which is why I always recommend booking on for next year when you receive your gallery. This is a perk for previous Christmas customers only, like yourself.

  • Our address is in your welcome email, which provided you this link. 

during your session 

  • On the day of the photoshoot when you arrive at the Winter Wonderland a.k.a, the studio, you will be welcomed in by one of my lovely elves. They will check your ticket, and return it to you so you can keep it as a keepsake. They will also take your little ones name/s to tick you off of the register.

  • Please arrive just a few minutes early, as these sessions are back to back. If Santa is ready for you, our elf will show you straight in, or they will offer you a comfortable seat and a hot chocolate.

  • For their outfits, I would recommend dark reds and dark greens, vintage inspired outfits with bare feet or smart shoes. You could also come in some Christmas PJ's, but please arrive in your chosen outfit, as we won't have a changing area or the time for a change on the day.

  • Adults are more than welcome to have a family portrait with Santa, but please also stick to the above outfit guidelines. 

  • Each child will receive a gift from Santa that's age appropriate. 

  • When its the end of your time slot, our elf will guide you back out, and you can help yourself to a hot chocolate and cookie for your journey home, or even have a 'elfie selfie' with one of our elves. 

  • The sessions are short in length, hence the name 'mini session'. With this in mind it is important that you read and follow this information, this allows us to make the most of your session time.

  • Please be aware, if we are running behind for any reason, you will still receive your full 15 minutes meet and greet, however, if my staff, myself or Santa receives any sort of abuse, you will be asked to leave immediately with no refund for your ticket. This event is for the children, and we want to create a magical experience for them.

Quick tips:

  • Relax and have fun! If your little one doesn't take to Santa straight away, we won't force anything, and everyone keep calm will diffuse their anxiety. If not, Santa will step out and we can get some images with out, and composite them together for you.

  • Have hair and makeup (for adults) done how you want it before you arrive.

  • Be sure to look out for early sneak preview image from your session on my Facebook and Instagram page, if you have given permission on your contract form.

after your session 

  • Up to one week after your Father Christmas experience, your images will be ready and sent to you via your own password protected gallery. This is when you can choose what digital or print package you would like, and pay for them via your online gallery store. You will also be able to book next years ticket in advance through this system. 

  • If you purchase a package with prints, they will take around a week to arrive, and when they do, you will receive an email to arrange collect or to organise free postage. 

  • If you decided to buy any extras, such as cards, gifts or wall art, the timings will be on the listings.

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