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Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Life with a newborn can be a wonderful time, and spending quality time together is ideal for creating a strong bond with your baby. In this article, we will talk about the best things to do in West Yorkshire with your newborn baby, from outdoor attractions to indoor fun.

It can be difficult to choose an activity to enjoy together when your baby is small, which is why we have picked a great selection of activities. If the weather is good, getting out and about in the fresh Yorkshire air is a great way to spend the day and there are some wonderful parks and attractions to visit around Leeds. However, we have also picked some great indoor things to do when the weather is less favourable.

So if you are looking for new things to do or places to go with your newborn, read on for the best activities suitable for young babies in West Yorkshire.

Getting outside for a walk in the fresh air is a great activity for newborns, and Roundhay Park is a beautiful place to visit.

The park is extensive, covering over 700 acres, hosts farmers markets, and has manicured floral displays, fountains, and a children's play park. Young babies will enjoy looking at the wide open spaces and pretty flowers and parents can grab a coffee at one of the cafes on their walk.

There is also an interesting Tropical World to explore with butterflies, animals, and exotic birds.

The Little Burrowers is the ideal indoor activity and has been designed for babies, toddlers, and preschool-age children.

The indoor soft play has specific play areas for babies that are aged between 0 to 18 months old. The Baby Playroom has various sensory toys and the soft play also hosts special activities for young babies, such as a baby disco.

There is also a cafe for parents to grab food and coffee and Little Burrowers is open seven days a week.

Meanwood Valley Urban Farm is a great place to take your newborn to introduce them to different animals and a fun place for you to walk around too. There is a Barn Coffee Shop and the farm is open seven days a week.

With plenty of green space to explore and animals such as alpacas, chickens, and cows to meet, Meanwood Valley Urban Farm is a great place to explore with your baby and a place to come back to as your baby grows.

Admission is £3 for adults and under 2s go free.

10 Things To Do In West Yorkshire With Your Newborn Baby

Exploring the outdoors is a great way to spend time with your newborn, and a woodland walk is a great way to connect with nature. Your baby will enjoy the sensory sounds of the woods such as the sounds of leaves rustling and birds singing.

Getting outside is a great way to boost serotonin and can be a very useful tool to help young babies to recognise the difference between day and night.

The Luddenden Dean and the Calderdale Way is a great walk that takes you past a beautiful nature reserve, and there are many excellent woodland walks around West Yorkshire to explore. Click on the above link for more information about walks around West Yorkshire.

Hyde Park Picture House hosts Bring Your Own Baby (BYOB) screenings throughout the week.

These screenings are films aimed at adults with the exception that the screenings have raised lighting and a reduced volume so you can enjoy a movie while your baby sleeps or you hold them.

Screenings with a certificate of 15 or 18 are only available for babies up to the age of 12 months, whereas children of all ages are welcome at screenings of U, PG, and 12A, making it an ideal activity if you have older children to entertain as well as a newborn.

Visit the Library

A visit to the local library is a great activity for parents with newborns. Public libraries often have free baby-friendly activities available, which change daily, and the library as a whole is a calm and quiet environment.

Some libraries host free baby rhyme time sessions and there are often coffee mornings aimed at parents with small children. There are also lots of baby-friendly books that you can read to your baby in the library or check out to take home. The library is also the perfect rainy day activity.

Check your local library for a list of activities.

Go for a swim

Introducing your baby to water and swimming can be a great activity as it promotes calmness and relaxation. Most public swimming pools have special sessions or specific baby swim lessons. In these sessions, babies are gently introduced to the water, and parents swim with their babies.

The lessons are led by a qualified instructor and the pool temperature is usually raised to make it more comfortable for young babies.

Private baby swim classes are also available which can offer a quieter experience. SwimBabes offers swimming lessons for children ages 0-4 years at Moorlands School, North Leeds.

10 Things To Do In West Yorkshire With Your Newborn Baby

Tiny Boo is an indoor fun, and safe play environment designed for young babies to preschool-aged children.

There are sensory toys for young babies and babies in arms enter for free with another paying participant.

The soft play is creative and imaginative and there is a coffee shop for parents to refuel at. Tiny Boo is an ideal destination if you have a newborn and another child under 5 as it provides a safe place for pre-school-age children and under to play.

Moo Music offers musical and sensory lessons for babies and children under the age of five. Listening and interacting with music can be a great activity to do with your baby, and music can greatly help with your baby’s auditory development.

Moo Music offers Baby Moo classes aimed at newborn babies and crawling children and uses musical props, instruments, and sing-a-long songs to make lessons an enjoyable activity for babies and parents.

Classes currently take place in Menston, Otley, Ilkley, Yeadon, Adel, Alwoodley, Scarcroft, and Oulton.

10 Things To Do In West Yorkshire With Your Newborn Baby

Diddly Oms offers baby yoga sessions from their studio in Horsforth and welcomes parents and babies to practise yoga together.

Baby yoga sessions start when your baby is 12 weeks old and incorporates gentle stretches and postures for parents. Classes are centred around your baby and use touch and deep relaxation to help parents connect with their baby.

Baby yoga is a great activity for young babies and can help improve relaxation which in turn can help with sleep. It is also a great place to meet other parents in your local area.

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