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your cake smash guide

what to expect...

before your session 

  • As soon as you are booked in for a cake smash session, we will book in your consultation and  you will receive your welcome guide (what you are reading now),  your online contract and your booking form.

  • You must sign the contract ASAP after booking and it is important you fill out your booking form. The form will give me an important insight into what it is you would like to help me create your perfect cake smash.

  • We will arrange for your consultation to discuss all the specifics of what you are looking for with your photo session. I love to meet my clients, it's a great way to get to know each other and for me to know how to create your perfect and memorable portraits of your little birthday sweetheart. 

  • We will discuss what sets, themes or colours that you like, what style cake you would like, any allergies, outfits and what bathtub you would like.

  • If you can't see a specific theme on my website, don't be afraid to ask! We love a challenge and love creating something new.

during your session 

  • On the day of the photoshoot when you arrive at the studio, you will be welcomed in by myself and my assistant. You will then have the chance to have a hot drink and a chat with myself about the session and let your little one settle in, it's a strange, new place for them.

  • I always start the session with clean shots (pre-cake), this is so you'll get some nice, clean images and helps your little one settle in and get a feel for the camera and lights. We often use a prop for baby to sit on/in at this stage.

  • If you would like your family or sibling portraits at the session, let me know at least 3 days before your session.

  • We will then introduce the cake. It's a messy job, and we ALL get involved to encourage your baby, so please don't expect to go home clean!

  • To finish, we will then move onto the bathtub, which is always fun! We blow bubbles, sing songs, play with the duck and splash in the bath. 

  • We use Burt's Bees natural honey bubble bath, but if you would prefer, we will not use anything in the tub, just let us know in your booking form.

  • Any cake left? It's yours to take home! 

  • Be prepared to be in the studio for up to one hour.

Quick tips:

  • Relax and have fun! your baby will sense your mood.

  • Babies don't always dive straight in, we often need to encourage and show them they're allowed to play with and eat the cake.

  • Bring some comfortable clothes for your little one to arrive and go home in, and a towel for after their bath.

  • Bring a drink and some small snacks they love, such as raisins, just incase they don't want to eat the cake.

  • Is your baby teething? If so, give them their recommended dose of paracetamol (Calpol) before you set off for your session (always leave a four hour gap between doses), and bring along some teething gel. If they're in pain, they won't enjoy the session and potentially won't participate. 

  • Be sure to look out for early sneak preview image from your session on my Facebook and Instagram page. 

after your session 

  • Around two weeks after your cake smash shoot, your images will be ready for your viewing session. 

  • We book in your viewing session the end of your cake smash shoot.

  • During your viewing, you will watch your beautifully edited images in your own HD slideshow and afterwards you can select the package you like and we can create some aspirational wall art and choose any products you would like for keepsakes. 

  • The majority of my clients opt for our bespoke package and our beautiful, and our multi-aperture frames for cake smash sessions.

  • Your wall art can take 6-8 weeks to arrive, and when it does, you will receive an email to arrange your collection appointment.

  • I recommend planning where you'd like your wall art before you come to your viewing session, and any measurements of where you'd like them to hang so we can create something that will really WOW everyone.

what to bring...

  • If you would like to bring our own outfit/s along, that is absolutely fine and often many keep them as a keepsake.

  • A drink for baby and some snacks.

  • A towel.

  • A clean outfit to go home in and arrive in.

  • Paracetamol and teething gel.

  • Changing bag, nappies, wipes etc...

  • Potentially a change of clothes for yourself, its a messy session!

  • What are your opening hours?
    By Appointment only Business Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - 10.00am - 2.00pm Saturday - 11.00am - 2.00pm
  • How long will my session take?
    Your session time varies depending on what you have booked. Typically most sessions last around an hour, however newborns can be up to three hours and a mini session is around 20 minutes.
  • When should I book my session?
    If you're booking a newborn session, I would always recommend booking in around your 20 weeks scan. I only book in ten newborn sessions per month, so booking early is ideal if you don't want to be disappointed . All newborn bookings are given a provisional date upon booking, however babies don't often arrive 'on time', so we ask that when baby has arrived and you are both home and well, get in touch (whether they have arrived early or late) and we will move your session date. If you reach your due date and baby is still comfortable, please let us know, so we know its unlikely to expect you on the provisionally booked date. We book up in advance very quickly, so ideally I would book any session at least three months in advance, however you can message us at anytime to book, and we will always try our best to get you in ASAP. I would always suggest booking any of our sessions in advance.
  • When/how do I choose my pictures?
    At the end of your session I will book you in for your gallery viewing in the studio, usually around two/three weeks after. You will view around 15-20 beautifully enchanced images in a heart warming slideshow, and this is when you choose and pay for your package and order your beautiful wall art and products.
  • Do I need to bring anything?
    We have plenty of hot and cold drinks available, along with some nibbles and sweet treats. However, I would suggest that you bring along some food, especially if mum is breast feeding. If your baby takes a dummy, bring it with you, as well as bottles, formula and nappies etc... I always suggest a change of clothing in case your little one decides to go to the toilet whilst you are holding him/her. For a cake smash, bring your little ones favourites snacks, a drink and a towel.
  • What should we wear?
    As they do in the hospital, we encourage skin to skin contact which creates the most beautiful images and these are the pictures you and your baby will cherish most in years to come! Dads: If you prefer not to be shirtless,keep it simple with a plain shirt or a v-neck, both ideally a good fitting or slightly tighter. A good pair of jeans which are snug or some slim trousers or chinos. Keep colours neutral or in line with the colour scheme. No patterns or logos ideally. Mums: A loose-fitting top or a simple, floaty dress always looks lovely. As above, keep light and neutral or in line with the colour scheme and avoid logos or patterns. Also bring a strappy vest in either nude, grey or black. Please use a very natural nail polish or none. Bring along your make up bag, and know that we use flattering angles and lighting to show off your beautiful family.
  • Do you offer outdoor photography?
    No, I work from my home studio.
  • Can pets come to our session?
    YES! Just let me know in advance.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes, we have our 0% payment plan via Clearpay.
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